Security systems

Security company provides safety and complete control of guarded objects – buildings, premises, and territory of customer companies by installing and operating safety systems that include the latest technological solutions.

The security company offers to install, service and repair video surveillance systems, security systems, fire detection alarms and access control systems. The security company may also purchase safety materials – plastic seals, safety labels, safety bags, etc.

Safety systems are selected depending on the specific nature of the guarded company and the contract concluded with the customer. The installation and monitoring of safety systems is performed by experienced safety system specialists of Secure Solutions Latvia.

Video surveillance may be performed at the premises and in the territory of the company. Security personnel control the situation by using surveillance cameras, as well as by being present on site at the guarded object, as well as remotely.

Security alarm equipment is installed in the premises and the territory of the guarded object. In the event of unsanctioned access, the alarm, which includes a sound and light signal, is activated. A transmitter that transmits the alarm signal to the selected security company can also be installed. Fire detection alarm systems are installed in order to promptly detect flammable situations and to perform the respective action to eliminate them.

Meanwhile the access control system is installed to control the procedure for the entry and departure of persons approved by the company from the premises, buildings, or territory.

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