Video surveillance

The security company performs remote video surveillance at the companies of the customers and, in the event of a suspicious action or threat, dispatches security personnel to the object.

Secure Solutions Latvia has a modern video surveillance control centre, from where remote video surveillance is performed.

This service is often selected by companies that require video surveillance at a particular time period, for instance – night hours or at weekends.

Video surveillance can be used to control the access of people and motor transport to the company. The security company determines whether the person and motor transport belong to the company, as well as performs remote opening and closing of doors and barrier-gates.

If the security company has doubts regarding the affiliation of a person or a vehicle, an employee shall be dispatched to verify the situation on site. Video surveillance is also performed at the objects, where physical security employees of Secure Solutions Latvia are present, to monitor their safety and the performance of their duties.

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